Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Online Photography Testing Center.

I was reading a review of the Canon PowerShot G1 X and I guess I was surprised to see it in the $800.00 US range for an essentially, point and shoot camera.

I use SLR's, multi lens cameras and high-end equipment, and frankly, some of it over my head!
It made me think, is there a way an individual could test themselves to see where they think they are in understanding the fundamentals of photography.
I did find a nice blog that offers a beginner and advanced test, score it and based on your score, let you know where you stand and probably let you know what cameras to consider. So, let's check these out:

Interpreting your results

  • Score = 25: Perfection! Time to move on to the Advanced Exam!! You probably know as much about cameras and photography as I do (if not more!). Congratulations! Send me an email or stop over at the main blog page here to share your thoughts and your score!
  • Score = 23-24: You are at 90% or better. You probaby have some ideas for additional questions! Email me here to make any suggestions or recommendations for improving the quality of this test!
  • Score = 20-22: Wow, you're pretty good! Still above average at 80-89% I bet you have some ideas too on additional questions or subject content to include. If you want, check out some of the resources I am including below as reference items. I find these helpful all the time!
  • Score = 17-19: Ahem...well, you've got a handle on some of the concepts, but coming from the school of hard knocks, anything below 75 is considered borderline, which means you might want to improve on the stuff presented here before hanging out a shingle.
  • Score = 15-16: I know...a D in school still gets you quality points toward graduation, but in the real world, it won't get you hired. Start visiting the links below regularly, and come back in a week or so! You'd be surprised what you can learn in just a week...but thanks for stopping in.
  • Score = 14 or less: I know it seems like no fun, but some of this technical stuff is actually really important in understanding things like lighting, composition, and such. Sure, as the old saying goes, "rules are made to be broken", but first you have to know the rules. Get yourself a $20 subscription to a photography magazine or two. Clip and store them for easy quick access and re-reading. (I still do this!) Visit and register in a few online forums - there are some great ones out there that are free and most people are willing to help you pick up the basics. Thanks for stopping in though and taking the online photo test! Stop back in again soon, and try again - you can only get better with time!
How did I do? Please don't ask. I remember when I first started buying equipment I also took classes at a local Junior College. What amazed me was the money spent on awesome equipment by other students...first time shooters with Canon 5D MARK ll's, Christmas gifts from "Hubby".
Anyway, have a little fun and see where your at. Oh, just a kind reminder, if you spend a lot on a camera, don't take it on the Vacation (what Vacation in this economy), use the cheap point and shoot.

You can try the Advanced Test by clicking here, or return to the main blog page, by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping in and hope to see you come back again soon!

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