Thursday, May 3, 2012

HDR Photography from Realistic to Fantastic!

HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography has been all the rage for the past year or so. There are many new tools available to the photographer to capture and process this type of image, but much of the subject still remains elusive to many who would like to take full advantage of what you can achieve with these techniques. In this hour long, free webinar sponsored by Sekonic and hosted by Joe Brady, we’ll cover many of the ways available to create HDR images. We’ll also explore using a handheld light meter to make sure that the exposures we take deliver the best data for a successful image without filling up our memory cards and hard drives with many unnecessary exposures. Starting with the basics of exposure and metering, follow along as we take a look at some popular HDR processing softwares to create and enhance our images. More info and two (not one, two!) archives of the presentation for your educational pleasure after the jump… There are several styles of HDR Photography – from realistic to super-real to fanciful to surreal. Let’s explore ways to create each type of image depending on your desires and artistic vision. NOTE: Though both the 1PM and 3PM sessions cover similar material, the image demonstrations in each are different. If you enjoyed one, you might enjoy watching the other!

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