Thursday, April 12, 2012

HandiZoom Turns the 5D Mark ll into a Camcorder!

About HandiZoom: VizTools introduces a smoother, easier way to tell your story with the ground-breaking, patent-pending HandiZoom™ combination handgrip and camera control unit - the first device that delivers ENG-style hand-held video shooting for DSLR cameras. DSLR cameras and lenses are designed for still photography, making hand-held video shooting and control problematic. The HandiZoom's inventive design and controls eliminate these complications, through an ergonomic handgrip for much needed stability with hand-held video shots; a Motorized Zoom Lens Drive for smooth zoom control; and a host of features placing primary camera control functions...at your fingertips. The HandiZoom Handgrip situates all of its camera controls for single-handed fluid adjustment of Zoom Speed and Direction; Record Start and Stop; Auto/Manual Iris and Set Iris; Fine Focus Magnification; Maximum Zoom Speed; Still Photo Shots; and more - leaving the other hand free for manual focus or additional camera stabilization. MORE:http://www.viztools.tv/default.html

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