Monday, April 30, 2012

Cool Stop-Motion Tutorial

  Carlos Lascano is one of the top names in Stop Motion photography, so Kessler was honored when Carlos crafted this piece as a primer for the making of stop motion video with the CineSlider and Oracle Control System. So for those of you who ever had an interest in making stop motion, here's Carlos to show you how it's done. by Kessler Crane In 2007, after being in charge of the Edition and Postproduction Department in In Vitro Films (Barcelona), Carlos resumed his freelance career and moved to Madrid, where he actually lives. After the experience acquired from The Legend of the Scarecrow, he deepened his drawing style and merged it with his extensive technical knowledge and his filmmaking experience, in order to focus on the creation of animation pieces. In 2008 he published online his latest short film, A short love story in Stop Motion, which collected over two million views and around 40.000 quotations[5] in websites from all over the globe in the first six months. Then came The Can, a spot commissioned by Red Bull Austria, intended to be part of a program that Red Bull organized together with the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In 2009 he founded his own production company, DreamLife Studio SL, with the intention of starting to produce his own works on a larger scale. The company is based in Madrid. In 2009 and 2010 he focused mainly on advertisement, working on large campaigns for Al Balad Newspaper in Lebanon, Oscillococcinum in France, Popsicle Ice Pops in the US, and TetraPak in Russia[6]. During 2010 he also directed the music video J’ai pas le temps for French singer Gabi. The video was featured at the third episode of the Zacuto’s Emmy award winning web series The Great Camera Shootout [7], in Chicago, where Lascano also participated as a guest. Later on that year, he was invited by Vimeo to participate as a judge for the Animation Category of their first festival, Vimeo Festival + Awards [8], held in New York on October 9th, 2010, next to other award-winning filmmakers such as David Lynch, Nicolas Schmerkin and Vincent Laforet. In 2011 he was commissioned by Amnesty International to write and direct an animated spot for their 50th anniversary. The original score was composed by the Academy Award Winner Hans Zimmer and the Academy Award Nominee Lorne Balfe, and the production took place in Prague between his own company, DreamLife Studio and Eallin Motion Art. The spot was internationally released by Amnesty International on May 28 th, 2011, on the day its 50th anniversary was commemorated. Also in 2011, Carlos released one of his most ambitious projects: a mixed-technique animation short film, A Shadow of Blue [9] [10], film that qualified for the 84th Academy Awards.[11]. Owner of a very personal style, his mixing of digital tools and real objects brought a new organic aesthetic concept[jargon] to animation, making Carlos achieve international recognition,[12] and setting him on the sight of large advertisement companies. Eallin Motion Art [13] (Czech Republic), Bent Image Lab (USA and Canada), Cube (France), Boiron (France) and Trix (Portugal), are some of the companies he is currently working with.

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