Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art By Tamela Jaeger - Realism and Portraits

3D Unforgettables is proud to bring you the first of several video's. This video features Portraits in Realism in 3D. Music By: Rod McPherson (used with permission) Song title: Edee Written and Composed By: Rod McPherson CD: 100 Years Old...but who's counting THIS IS ANOTHER BY AND OF TAMELA JAEGER. https://twitter.com/#!/TamelaJaeger Tamela Jaeger, specializes in 100% Human Skin Texturing , being the founder of human skin texturing in 3d well over a decade ago and mastering the techneque beyond anyone else's abilities to out-do what she not only founded, but has perfected! All Tamela Jaeger's textures and all her base textures are created entirely of herself and Tamela Jaeger is the only one in 3d that Copyright Register's all her photographs including all the textures and products she creates with The US Copyright Office. Tamela not only does human skin texturing but she as well models 3d figures, props, creates custom node/shader setups within the 3d rendering programs she uses, custom morphing and much more. http://3dunforgettables.com/

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